‘Storm free agency recruitment’ Cubs, 51-win veteran selection and 4-year 88.5 billion contract

The Chicago Cubs signed Jameson Tyyon (31) and continues to actively recruit players this winter.

MLB.com, the official major league media, said on the 20th (Korean time), “The Cubs have strengthened their starting rotation by recruiting Beretang starting pitcher for the second year in a row. Following the acquisition of Marcus Stroman last winter, he signed a four-year contract with Tyyon this time.”

Tyyon is a veteran right-handed pitcher with a record of 51 wins, 35 losses, and an ERA of 3.84 in 143 major league games 안전놀이터 (787⅔ innings). He played for the Yankees this year, going 14-5 with a 3.91 earned run average in 32 games (177⅓ innings).

MLB.com said, “According to officials, Tyyon’s contract is worth 68 million dollars (approximately 88.5 billion won) over 4 years. The club finished the official contract after completing the physical test.”

Cubs baseball operations president Jed Heuer said, “Tyyon is a pitcher we have been watching for a long time. I think he’s a really good starter. he is really steady I look forward to Tyyon’s performance, saying, “As he builds his career, he gets stronger and better.”

The Cubs are reinforcing their strength in the free agent market this winter. Cody Bellinger, a National League MVP who was released from the Dodgers, was brought in for 1 year and 17.5 million dollars, and shortstop Dansby Swanson, one of the Big 4 free agents, signed a 7-year, 177 million dollar contract.

“The Cubs continue to invest money and develop the team,” Tyyon said. It’s really fun. Everyone wants to see their team improve. But regardless, I got along well with everyone I talked to and heard good things about it. Now that I’m on this team and I’m seeing other players sign, it’s really good.