“Survival? I’ve felt it too many times” Eager but leisurely… The attitude of treating the opportunity for nationality to come back

“Survival? I’ve felt that feeling too many times.”

Outfielder Kook Hae-sung (34), who became a Lotte Giants player, is dealing with his newfound opportunity. Kook, who signed a contract with Lotte after playing in the independent league on the 22nd, was called up to the first team against the Sasik NC on the 24th and will start as the No. 6 designated hitter.메이저사이트

Manager Larry Sutton said, “Kook Hae-sung has hit left-handed balls well in the past. We have some nagging injuries in the outfield, so it’s a great opportunity for him,” said manager Larry Sutton. “I’m not too worried about the difference between the independent league and professional ball. I think it’s a great opportunity for him and for the team. We’re not going to ask him to do too much, like batting 7 for 7. But I want him to showcase what he can do during the game. He has good qualities as a baseball player, and I hope those things will help the team.”

“I didn’t expect to be called up so soon,” said Kook Hae-sung before the game. I was excited when I was called up, and when I trained with the first team, I thought, ‘I’m back,'” he said, adding, “I’m going to do my best with a new mindset and a mindset that I have nothing to lose.”

He was called up immediately after playing in a Futures League game the day before. He said, “Actually, I played so many Futures League games that I was mentally relaxed and didn’t feel anything new. I felt comfortable and realized that I’m going to play a lot of games now,” he explained.

“I tried to bring a lot of routines with me while playing in the independent league, and I think I unknowingly became more relaxed,” he said, adding, “My parents helped me a lot, so I trained without realizing how hard it was. I’m so sorry and grateful for that. When I was playing in the independent league, I just trained hard without thinking about how hard it was,” he said, explaining his struggles.

Maybe it’s the last chance. Guk Hae-sung knows this all too well. “I actually felt the need to survive so much. It’s good to fight and play and hold myself back, but if it’s too much, I feel like I’m holding myself back too much.” “I know that’s what I need to do, but I know that this is my last chance and I know that if I fall, I won’t get another chance, so I’m trying to use my failures as a springboard and just relax and enjoy it,” he said.

“I’m going to make plays on the baseball field that are going to help us win, that are going to help us as much as possible,” he said, adding, “We’ve got guys that have come in and guys that have been released and they’re doing well, and I want to fit in and do well.”

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