“Teacher’s grace is like the sky” The warm-hearted eagles that made new director Choi Won-ho smile

“The grace of a teacher is like the sky, so the more you look up to it, the higher it rises.” Teacher’s Day has passed, but coach Choi Won-ho, who appeared at the place prepared by the players for the new coach before training, smiled broadly.

The Hanwha Eagles team prepared a special place before training for coach Choi Won-ho, who was immediately put in without the inauguration ceremony. Daejeon Eagles Park on the 16th, returning home to Daejeon after the Incheon expedition. All the Hanwha players gathered on the ground before training started singing the song of the teacher’s grace when coach Choi Won-ho came out.

Although Teacher’s Day had passed메이저놀이터, it was a place prepared by the players for the new coach. It was a short time of less than a minute, but coach Choi Won-ho, who came to the ground completely unexpectedly, smiled broadly as he listened to the teacher’s grace song along with a gift from captain Jung Woo-ram on behalf of the team.

After the game on the 11th, the club sacked coach Subero. As a successor, Choi Won-ho, who led the Futures team, was appointed as the 13th manager of the Hanwha Eagles.

Director Choi Won-ho, who has become the new manager of the Hanwha Eagles, has experience leading the first team as an acting manager in place of coach Han Yong-deok, who voluntarily resigned in June of the 2020 season after taking office as the Hanwha Eagles’ Futures manager in the 2019 season.

Coach Won-ho Choi, who returned to the Futures command tower from the 2021 season, reorganized the training system for the Hanwha 2nd team, winning the Northern League in the 2022 season and achieving the highest ever 14 consecutive wins in the Futures League.

Building is important, but grades are important in the pro world. The Hanwha Eagles, who have been at the bottom for the past three years. The club decided to work with coach Choi Won-ho to play winning baseball.

Coach Won-ho Choi, who returned to the home match after recording 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss against SSG Landers in his first away match as official manager, lost in his home debut against Lotte after a bloody battle that lasted until the 10th inning.

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