Team batting average 7th → 1st place rebound, but still below 50%… The topic of the tiger in June is ‘scoring’

Did the bat become hot like the hot weather?

Looking at the recent KIA Tigers batting line, they have definitely gained strength compared to the beginning of the season. Unlike April, when there were frequent scenes of bowing down after struggling in an empty space, in May, he is playing a refreshing batting battle with frequent big innings. The ranking, which had fallen to the bottom at one point in April, has now risen to the mid-rank, and is aiming for a leap forward while crossing the 50% odds ratio.스포츠토토

The change is noticeable even in the record. During the month of April, the team’s batting average was .255, only 7th out of 10 teams. The OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) was also 0.661, ranking ninth overall, and the double hit was the most with 22. However, during the month of May, the team’s batting average rose to 2.799, rising to first place overall, and the team’s OPS also rose to 0.728 (third place). Byeongsatsu was at least 2nd with 9.

The 2023 KBO League Lotte Giants and KIA Tigers match was held at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 4th. KIA Ryu Ji-hyeok. Busan = Reporter Park Jae-man
The performance of the so-called ‘sculpture’ players stands out. Ryu Ji-hyeok (29), a first and third base utility, is faithfully playing the leadoff role with a batting average of 3.2 (48 hits in 150 at-bats) in 45 games. Outfielder Ko Jong-wook (34) is also doing his part in the batting line with a batting average of 3.19 li (37 hits in 116 bats) in 41 games, and Lee Woo-seong (batting average 3.6 li in 29, 38 games, 30 hits in 98 bats) is also an important player. Every moment, he is adding strength with a long hit. It is a KIA lineup that was in trouble due to Na Seong-beom (34)’s injury, but veteran Choi Hyeong-woo (40) has been maintaining a good pace since the beginning of the season, and Park Chan-ho (28, batting average 2.9 3), who was sluggish in April, Even Socrates (31, batting average of 30.5 league) is surviving and holding on.

KIA coach Kim Jong-guk said, “It is encouraging that there are many hits regardless of the score.” He said, “The power analysis part and hitting coaches are making accurate plans and preparing the players,” and “the players are also hitting according to the plan for each at-bat and opponent pitcher.” He also analyzed, “The probability of hitting a ball that is better to put the hitting point in front is higher even if you swing wrong than a ball that is eaten or pushed because of late timing.

The 2023 KBO League Lotte Giants and KIA Tigers match was held at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 4th. KIA Koh Jong-wook. Busan = Reporter Park Jae-man
However, it is true that the flow of KIA, which is still going back and forth with a 50% win rate even in such a good batting pace, looks frustrating. Although starter Sean Anderson (29) and finisher Jung Hae-young (23) seem to be weak on the mound, such as the rebalancing dimension Futures (2nd team), it is regrettable that the rest of the starters and bullpen agents are holding out to some extent.

KIA’s scoring power, which was 9th overall with 93 points in April, seemed to rebound in May (92 points, 4th place), but there are signs of a decline again this month. In the game against Lotte in Busan on the 4th, he won with a 6-run big inning, but it is worth thinking about the fact that he failed to score even after getting on base in the remaining innings. It looks similar to how he suffered from big innings or no goals even in good batting pace since mid-April. In the end, it seems that raising the score, which is low compared to the number of hits, will be the key point for KIA’s rebound in June.

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