‘Tennis muscle’ mode that no one can stop

KGC Ginseng Corporation 2 consecutive victories role as driving force
3rd game both teams scored the most 23 points
“We will definitely win as much as we are desperate”

‘Geon Se-geun크크크벳 (Healthy Oh Se-geun).’ This is the nickname of Oh Se-geun (35) of Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation, a professional basketball player. Having struggled with big and small injuries at a fairly young age, he is the best player in the league if not injured. ‘Franchise star’ Oh Se-geun, who has been playing for Ginseng Corporation ever since his debut in 2011, has built a splendid career, winning 3 championships, 2 MVPs in the championships, and 1 regular league MVP. He was exceptionally strong in big games and was called a winning check.

Oh Se-geun was healthy in the 2022-2023 season. He played 52 regular league games without injury. Kim Sang-sik, director of Ginseng Corporation, thoroughly managed Oh Se-geun. Even when he won the championship cup in the East Asian Super League (EASL) held in Japan last March, Oh Se-geun took a break. Oh Se-geun, who became ‘Geon Se-geun’, was also different. Oh Se-geun is showing outstanding performance in this championship match (4 wins from 7 matches).

Oh Se-geun led Ginseng Corporation to victory by posting 23 points, the highest score of both teams, with 9 rebounds and 2 assists in the 3rd game of the championship match against Seoul SK held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 29th. Ginseng Corporation overturned the series record by winning two consecutive wins after losing the first game. Ginseng Corporation, which took the ‘1st place’ position in the regular league this season, has increased the possibility of a unified champion.

Oh Se-geun is shining throughout the championship game. He is recording a ‘double-double’ with an average of 21.7 points and 11.3 rebounds in the first to third games of the championship game. Oh Se-geun is the only player from both teams to score 20 or more points in all three games.

The Yatoo success rate is as high as 65.2%. His record is the same as that of a ‘foreign player’. In the history of the professional basketball championship game, there is no domestic player who recorded 20 points and 10 rebounds and a field shooting success rate of 60% or more. It is no exaggeration to say that he is playing the role of the team’s mainstay on both sides of the offense and defense.

Oh Se-geun cited ‘concentration’ as the secret to Ginseng Corporation’s second win in a row after losing the first game. Concentrated defense and scoring came out whenever needed. He said, “I try to keep my concentration as much as possible to the extent that I almost think about the championship game. I don’t talk much to the other players because I’m concentrating, but the players seem to be improving their concentration as they see me.”

Oh Se-geun is a strong MVP candidate if Ginseng Corporation wins the championship. Oh Se-geun said, “I want to show that I am healthy. As much as I desperately want to win, I will definitely win.”

The 4th round of the championship will be held on the 1st at the Jamsil Student Gymnasium. Attention is focusing on whether Oh Se-geun will play an active role again, defeating the ‘defending champion’ SK and leading Ginseng Corporation to victory.

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