The 442.1 billion won superstar who pushed Kim Ha-seong into the outfield… “Really shocking” Why?

Fernando Tatis Jr. (24, San Diego Padres) is scheduled to return on April 21 (hereinafter Korean time) after serving a banned substance suspension. San Diego expects the 14-year, $340 million (approximately 442.1 billion won) contract signed ahead of the 2021 season to shine in three years.

Tatis plays right field after his return. 메이저놀이터Ha-seong Kim has already taken Tatis’ shortstop, and in the 2021-2022 free agent market, Xander Bogatz signed an 11-year, $280 million (364.1 billion won) contract, pushing Ha-seong Kim to second baseman. Ha-seong Kim pushed Jake Cronenworth to first base.

This season, the San Diego infield is built with Manny Machado (third baseman), Bogatz (shortstop), Kim Ha-seong (second baseman), and Cronenworth (first baseman). It is evaluated as having the highest level of offense and defense balance in the major leagues. This year, San Diego is a decisive driving force that is rated higher in the National League West than the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Tatis has been pushed to the outfield, but when he returns, he is expected to make a huge impact on the lineup. Manager Bob Melvin told on the 29th, “It is really shocking that he plays as a leadoff. He feels like something has a special impact.”

Tatis is used to leadoffs. Nevertheless, there is a reason why Melvin made such a statement. predicted that if Tatis returns, San Diego’s top batting line 1-4 will consist of Tatis – Juan Soto (left fielder) – Machado – Bogatz. It is the top-tier batting average in the major leagues. and Bleacher Report recently put Kim Ha-seong as the 6th second baseman while predicting the San Diego Opening Day lineup. However, if Tatis returns, there is a possibility that Kim Ha-seong’s batting order will go down to 7-8. When Tatis returns, Ha-seong Kim is expected to create an environment in which he can work without much burden in terms of hitting.

In addition, said, “The reason why manager Melvin prefers Tatis leadoff is because of his confidence in Tatis’ health. If San Diego were worried about Tatis’ shoulders and wrists, they might have lowered their batting order.” Manager Melvin said, “I want to see how he steals bases when he goes out to play.”

Tatis recorded 12 hits in 44 at-bats, a batting average of 0.273, 2 homers, 7 RBIs, 11 runs, 3 steals, and an OPS of 0.772 in 16 exhibition games. At the beginning of the demonstration game, the feeling of hitting was not good, but the pace increased towards the end. The biggest challenge is to maintain a sense of actual combat for about a month until returning.

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