The biggest match of the season, the eyes of the ‘World Star’ have changed… The result is a clean shutout 

 Suwon Indoor Gymnasium on the 7th.

The appearance of Kim Yeon-kyung (Heungkuk Life Insurance) on the court that day was different. Unlike her previous matches, where she was full of composure, there was no smile on her face, and her eyes were full of energy. She was the same look she could only see when she quilted her coat at international competitions wearing her Taegeuk mark. 스포츠토토

This game was considered the last chance for Heungkuk Life Insurance to catch up with leading Hyundai E&C. The gap between Heungkuk Life Insurance, which is second with 57 points, and Hyundai E&C (60 points) is 3 points. If Heungkuk Life Insurance won on this day, with the same points, it was possible to look at reversing and winning the regular league depending on the results of future games. Conversely, if Hyundai E&C gave 3 points, it was inevitable to be in a situation where it was difficult to guarantee a reversal even if it brought victory in the 6th round confrontation. Heungkuk Life Insurance’s acting coach Kim Dae-gyeong revealed his will to win, saying, “I told the players, ‘It’s an important game. Let’s do it nicely.'”

ensuing fight. Every time the team scored, they clenched their fists and did not hesitate to celebrate vigorously. In a close combat situation, he shouted at his comrades and urged them to fight. The image of ‘World Star Kim Yeon-kyung’ we were familiar with embroidered the Suwon Indoor Gymnasium with 3,798 full spectators.

The true value of Kim Yeon-kyung was clearly revealed in the second set. Heungkuk Life Insurance, which allowed Hyundai E&C to pursue in 23-20, was eventually driven into a deuce situation. The situation could have shifted to Hyundai E&C. Heungkuk Life setter Lee Won-jung chose to give Kim Yeon-kyung the ball, and Kim Yeon-kyung took the victory by breaking down the blocking wall of Hyundai E&C, which was protected by Yang Hyo-jin and Hwang Yeon-joo, with a series of time-lag attacks.

Heungkuk Life Insurance won a set score 3-0 (25-21, 27-25, 25-15) and a shutout victory over Hyundai E&C on this day. Hyundai E&C is still in first place ahead of Heungkuk Life Insurance in terms of set gains and losses, but the points are equal at 60 points. The competition for the lead in the 2022-2023 V-League Women’s Division fell into the fog.

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