The female middle school soccer team was born due to the effect of the ‘futsal boom’

These days, the number of female fans who enjoy soccer and futsal, which is mini-soccer, is increasing nationwide.

As women’s futsal fever continued in Jeju, even a girls’ middle school soccer team was founded.

I catch Kang Seok-chang.
They are the Goal Hitters in the SBS sports entertainment program.

Female celebrities, models,바카라사이트 players’ families and foreigners have participated in the futsal league for the second year already.

The cast, who were beginners in soccer, practice every day and develop their skills to the level of players, and the fierce competition in each game and the way they treat soccer with sincerity are attracting attention.

Because of this, a boom in women’s futsal occurred, and the number of female club members who enjoy soccer as a sport for life has increased significantly.

In Jeju, women’s futsal teams are springing up one after another, and even women’s middle school soccer teams were born amid such enthusiasm.

After class, middle school girls change into uniforms and hurry to get ready for practice.

These are the players of the school’s women’s soccer team.

It’s been less than a month since the soccer team was formed, but systematic training continues every day.

Reporter Kang Seok-chang
“Out of the 20 soccer players at this school practicing, only two students played as players in elementary school.”

Still, it’s not awkward to handle a soccer ball.

It’s because I’m so interested in soccer that I’ve been practicing alone, or I’ve played soccer in a soccer or futsal club.

Koo Eun-jung / Jeju Seo Middle School soccer player (2nd year)
“My original friend is also a soccer player, has a lot of interest in European leagues and K-League, and enjoys futsal from time to time, so I think I decided to give it a try.”

Although they are united by their passion for football, the situation to overcome is not easy.

At the end of last year, other middle school women’s soccer clubs were disbanded, so there is no team to play practice right now.

There are no high school or university teams in Jeju, so I am wondering if I can continue playing soccer.

Still, a girls’ middle school soccer team was established in downtown Jeju City, which is convenient for commuting to school, and women’s soccer fever continues, so I expect that the number of players will increase.

Kim Ji-won / Jeju Seo Middle School soccer player (3rd grade)
“I was currently taking a break from Taekwondo due to an injury, but after hearing the announcement that the school was recruiting for a soccer team, I went in now and am working hard. there is.”

The 20 players who have just taken their first steps on the ground are shooting with hope, saying that they will be able to overcome difficult conditions with their passion for soccer.

“Going Jeju Seojung!”

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