The forum for public opinion opened by the sluggishness of the WBC national team, the KBO League will survive only when it becomes more active

Could the failure of the Korean토토사이트 baseball team to advance to the second round of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) for the third time in a row be a blessing in disguise? If you look at what has been revealed, it is positive. The waves are pretty strong.

It is a very desirable phenomenon to actively express opinions in various fields regarding the national team’s performance and, furthermore, the competitiveness of the KBO League. Baseball is a sport that can be interpreted differently even after seeing the same scene, so each person’s thoughts on strengthening competitiveness are bound to be different. The views of baseball elders, retired legends, and players are also bound to be different.

It is in the same context that some point out the amateur system, while others point out the competitiveness of the professional itself as a point of improvement. Pitchers look at the issue from the pitcher’s side, and batters look at the issue from the batter’s side, so there are times when opinions conflict.

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