The Korean command tower that Japan pays attention to, “If Halilhozic comes, how about a friendly match in March?”

 Will there be a new box office guarantee check added to the Korea-Japan match?

Japan’s ‘Soccer Digest’ reported on the 2nd (Korean time), “The Japan Football Association (JFA) also raised the possibility of a friendly match with Korea as the debut match for Moriyasu’s second term.”

Japan and Korea succeeded in advancing to the round of 16 at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Unlike Korea, which left manager Paulo Bento, Japan signed a 4-year extension contract with manager Moriyasu Hajime.

Korea, which broke up with Bento, is looking for a coach centered on Michael Müller, technical chairman. Coach Vahid Halilhodzic, who led the Japanese national soccer team in the past, was also mentioned.

In an interview with the media, coach Halil Hodzic drew attention by saying, “I had a short phone call with Korea about the coaching job”. 

If Halil Hodzic becomes head coach of the Korean national team, a new story will be added to the Korea-Japan match, which is already a guarantee of box office success. 토토사이트

Soccer Digest explained, “The JFA plans to hold two friendly matches in Korea in March. The opponent is yet to be decided.” “In an interview with Koji Bancho, the technical director of the JFA, there was talk of a friendly match with Korea,” he explained.

The media emphasized, “Chairman Bancho said that he would have a friendly match with a team that is a regular World Cup and has a top ranking in the FIFA rankings for friendly matches.”

When a Japanese reporter asked, “Is Korea also a target? I think the atmosphere will be great if coach Halil Hozic takes over,” Bancho said, “I think it will be really fun. Korea is also worth considering because Kang Ho, who remains in the round of 16, is Dan Halil. I don’t know if Hojichi will take over,” he smiled. 

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