“The new head coach of the national team, reviewed from a blank slate” Mueller’s new chairman

Michael Müller (58, Germany), the new head of the Korea Football Association’s new National Team Power Enhancement Committee, said, “We plan to review it from a blank slate.”

Chairman Muller held a press conference at the Soccer Hall in Sinmun-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul at 2:00 pm on the 11th and said, “I am grateful to have received a candidate from the former chairman.” will do,” he said.

After the resignation of former chairman Lee Yong-soo (64) on the 4th, Müller assumes the role of appointing the head coach of the men’s A national team. According to the association, during this process, former chairman Lee selected the first group of candidates and delivered them to Chairman Müller, and Chairman Müller can add additional candidates to this group of candidates if desired. However, Chairman Müller decided to select a new candidate group from a blank slate regardless of the primary candidate group.

Chairman Müller said, “The process of making a list, conducting interviews and evaluating it, and then re-culturing the list and reporting it to the association is planned.” You have to keep all directions open and think. The contract period needs to be negotiated, but personally, I think it would be better to sign a long-term contract.”

The following is a Q&A from Chairman Müller.

– How do you feel about being appointed as the new head of the National Team Strengthening Committee?
▶Hello, nice to meet you, Happy New Year. My name is Michael Müller (Korean). Please call me Michael Müller (instead of Michael). Because Michael has a slightly more cosmopolitan pronunciation. I am very happy to be the new chairperson. He is honored to do this work for the development of Korean football.

– At what stage is the appointment of the next director? In the course of negotiations, will the tenure until the World Cup be guaranteed, and is there a standard for nationality?
▶ There have been many changes in the meantime. Soon, the Association will hold a Power Reinforcement Committee to discuss these issues. An approximate selection criterion was made. We plan to initiate the process of appointing a director according to these guidelines. So far, there is no specific nationality standard. Since we have a clear standard, we plan to proceed with the procedure according to the standard. As for the duration of the contract, nothing has been decided yet. It is expected that it will change depending on the negotiations. Personally, I think it would be better to sign a long-term contract.

– Is there anything you can disclose about the guidelines for appointing a new coach?
▶ After listening to the requirements of the Football Association, we made guidelines with five major themes. The first is professionalism, and the second is the director’s experience. The third is how clear the coach’s motivation is, the fourth is teamwork ability, and the fifth is environmental factors. As for the environmental factors, I plan to consider how well I can satisfy the conditions required by the coach of the Korea Football Association and whether I can live in Korea away from soccer issues. However, since everything has to be seen from an individual point of view, we will decide after reviewing the resume. It should be considered as a general guideline.

– I was told that the former chairperson selected the first round of candidates, and that the new chairperson could add new candidates. Are there any new directors added as candidates?
▶I am grateful to have received a group of candidates from the former chairperson. However, for now, we are planning to leave all directions open and review them from a blank slate. I plan to use my personal network to review it.

– Do you plan to listen to the opinions of the players when appointing the national team coach?
▶ Personally, I think my role is to communicate and to be a coordinator. It is the role of communicating not only with the players, but also with all the staff of the Football Association. I think there will be enough communication. However, this communication will not reach the public.

– Do you have any plans to disclose the appointment process like when Bento was appointed?
▶I would like to say that we are conducting a logical and comprehensive appointment process. After making a list to some extent, I will conduct an interview and evaluate it. After that, the process of making a list and reporting it to the association is planned. Finally, we plan to meet in person to negotiate and sign autographs.

– Do you have any plans to appoint a new coach as a ‘division’, including coaches, like your previous manager?
▶The coach is very important as a leader. I think leading the coaching staff is also an important part. Of course, this part will be discussed by meeting and talking with the candidates in person.

– Is there a coach who will continue the soccer philosophy of the past 4 years on the list?
▶Of course. The national team coach to be appointed in the future will be appointed as a leader who is connected to the philosophy of the association. I think it’s important to know what we want and how we’ve done it. I have been working for 4 years, but until last week we discussed the vision and philosophy of our association. First, it includes parts such as strong mental strength, fighting spirit, and fighting spirit. Personal characteristics need to be further developed. Above all, we need to know what we want. You have to set that direction. The basic order or style of play are separate parts.

– Priority is foreign supervision or domestic supervision.
▶I am German. You have to think internationally. As I said before, you have to keep all directions open and think. The appointment will be carried out step by step so that we can give you as much information as possible.

– Is it possible to appoint a good coach in a limited budget, and if it is really necessary, do you plan to appoint a director even if it exceeds the budget?
▶I’m sorry. In my position, it would be difficult to comment on the budget.

– How do you plan to support the new director as the Power Enhancement Committee?
▶ He is a communicator and coordinator. When a new director is appointed, not only the director, but everything will change. I will try to support the new director with my expertise and knowledge.

– You have to work not only for the men’s A national team, but also for appointing other coaches and developing Korean football.
▶ While working for the association for 4 and a half years, I made many changes such as youth guidance. Now it is important how to develop in the future. I will try to develop not only the national team but also the players and coaches. If you are outside or in the basement, you cannot open the windows on the 5th and 6th floors. So I will act as a communicator so that leaders and teams can communicate smoothly.

– What is the most attractive part of the global soccer trend?
▶ During the last World Cup in Qatar, I participated as TSG and watched the matches. I don’t think there are any strong or weak teams anymore. In particular, it seems that about three teams that reached the semifinals or higher had strong mental strength and fighting spirit. He showed a lot of dynamic parts in the decision-making part, not simply running fast. The second is that diversity has increased 온라인바카라. Teams varied greatly in tactics between games and from game to game. It was amazing how individual players develop, and the way the players show teamwork has also changed. And it was psychic.

– The association talked about the time to appoint a new coach around the end of February. Could the process of appointing a director be delayed by reviewing it with a blank slate?
▶ In the football business, it is difficult to predict a specific date. More important than that is going in the right direction. Rather than unconditionally ‘quickly’, I have the confidence to be appointed as a manager according to our procedures.

– You said that the opinions of the players are reflected, but in what process are they reflected?
▶ To be honest, I haven’t thought about this in detail yet. Thank you (Korean).

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