The O-Grady Mystery that Hanwha raised the fire… Did you have to bring in the director who left?

The Hanwha Eagles faced headwinds from fans immediately after firing head coach Carlos Subero and appointing head coach Choi Won-ho. The reason for falling into the bottom ranks even this year, which was aimed at performance, is the failure to select foreign players, and the biggest reason is that the results were passed on only to the coach.

Nearly 10 days have passed since the change of manager, but it seems that Hanwha has yet to completely escape from the shadow of manager Subero. In the process of explaining the background of Brian O’Gredi’s expulsion from the first team, coach Choi Won-ho mentioned Subero again. This statement has been misunderstood.안전놀이터

Coach Won-ho Choi was the commander of the Futures team when O’Grady was first excluded from the first team on the 23rd of last month. O’Gredi was with the Futures team until he returned to the first team, and took the helm of the first team the day after his call-up, a position that best explains the change in O’Gredi’s performance.

▲ O’Grady ⓒReporter Kwak Hye-mi

Coach Won-ho Choi said in a briefing on the 20th that O’Grady’s call-up to the first team came earlier than expected.

“Even when I first came down, I thought it would be better if I went up after doing a little more. It improved a little, but it wasn’t completely good. Isn’t it. There are foreign players, but I couldn’t help but use them, but the results were really bad.”

Director Choi Won-ho has consistently said that O’Grady is not ready right after he took office. He’s getting better little by little, but his training performance hasn’t fully come out in the real world, he said.

A more curious aspect is the attitude of former coach Subero before and after O’Gredi’s return. On the 10th, he was asked about when O’Grady would return and replied, “Not tomorrow. It will come up sooner or later.” But on the 11th, a day later, he suddenly said, “I have registered today.” In the game, he didn’t even use it as a substitute.

There were still many fans who had doubts about this. Nevertheless, the statement, ‘I thought it was too early, but I posted it because Subero wanted it’ without any background explanation was misleading.

After returning to the first team, 5 games, 17 at bats, 2 hits, 1 walk, 9 strikeouts. Just looking at O’Grady’s performance, the reason for the expulsion from the first team can be explained. No one would dispute this decision, but Hanwha unnecessarily brought in a former manager. The more he tries to distance himself from former coach Subero, the more misunderstood he is.

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