‘The price of one fist is a whopping 720 million won’ → Violent player fines revealed

 The cost of one fist shot was about 700 million won.

The club confirmed the penalty for Sadio Mane’s punching in the Bayern Munich locker room on the 12th.

On the 12th (Korean time), after the first leg of the 2022-23 season European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) quarterfinals between Manchester City and Bayern Munich, Mane punched his colleague Leroy Sane in the dressing room. blown His lips were about to bleed. He looks really determined and punches.

A day later, the commotion was revealed in German media. 토스카지노Manet’s assault was completely unforgivable. Of course, I understand Mane’s grief over the recent loss of his aunt, but that’s why punching his teammate was unpardonable.

Fans lashed out at Manet, calling for his removal. It is known that the club may also terminate the contract. However, Munich’s decision was different. First of all, on the 13th, Mane’s punishment was announced through the club’s website. Munich said, “Mane was excluded from the home game against Hoffenheim this Saturday. It is because of the violation that took place in the locker room after the Manchester City match. Along with the ban, a fine will also be issued.”

First of all, he was punished with a one-game suspension. After that, he said that he would impose an additional fine, but the size of this fine was revealed on the 15th.

The fine is said to be about 720 million won. Although the club did not officially disclose, Britain’s ‘Sports Bible’ reported that Mane’s fine was 442,000 pounds (about 720 million won). Mane was paid £430,000 a week in Munich, but he was fined the equivalent of a week’s wages.

Meanwhile, at training the day after the accident, Mane officially apologized to the squad. At this meeting, Sane also told the club’s leadership that he did not want excessive discipline. So, it was reported that it was confirmed as a one-game absence against Hoffenheim.

Even after that, racist remarks about Manet appeared, and the ripple seemed to grow. However, Munich coach Thomas Tuchel said, “Mane is a professional,” and revealed that the case was neatly resolved.

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