Topde and Bomde crossroads… The ‘key’ to the starting team’s rebound

Out of a total of 15 wins, Lotte only had 6 starting wins.
Conversion 3-year-old Kyun-an Na, “Hard fight alone”
Se-woong Park and Mercenary one-two punch recovery desperately needed

15 wins and 9 losses. 토토사이트These are the results as of the 8th of Lotte, which is causing a sensation at the beginning of this season. Lotte, which ranks second in the league with an odds ratio of 0.625, has won 9 consecutive victories in 15 years and is a formidable team that has risen to the top of the league alone in 11 years.

The only thing that Lotte regrets is the starters who are not living up to their name. Of the 15 wins Lotte has won, the number of wins won by starting pitchers is only 6. This is the lowest in the league along with Hanwha and Samsung. Losses obtained as the selection collapsed were 7 out of 9 losses, accounting for 77.8% of the total.

Considering that before the opening, Lotte was evaluated as having built a starting mound that was comparable to anywhere, it is a result that cannot help but be regrettable. Dan Strayley (35), who is active on the Korean stage for the fourth season this year, Charlie Barnes (28), who signed a new contract based on his performance last season, and Park Se-woong (28), whom Lotte gifted 9 billion won for 5 years from this year. formed the starting trio.

However, they have been below expectations side by side from the beginning of the opening. Park Se-woong, who won double-digit victories for two consecutive years, is disappointing with an average ERA of 5.25 by digesting 24 innings in 5 games this season.

The foreign one-two punch is a more serious situation. First starter Strayley took 2 losses in 21.2 innings in 5 games. His earned run average was just 5.82. Barnes, who posted a 3.62 ERA in 186.1 innings last year, has also become a completely different pitcher. Barnes has a poor ERA of 7.58 in four games and 19 innings.

The only consolation for Lotte is that Na Gyun-an (25), who is in his third year as a pitcher, pitched 37.2 innings in six games and won four games. Na Gyun-an, who made his debut as a catcher in 2017, started throwing the ball as a pitcher in the 2021 season and recorded an average ERA of 1.34 only in April and was selected as the best player (MVP) for the month on the 9th.

Lotte desperately needs a revival of starting pitchers. If the sluggish Strayley, Barnes, and Park Se-woong show last season’s performance, they will gain the driving force to continue leading the team. Whether Lotte rises to the top of the league or disappears as a sparkling ‘spring’ at the beginning of the season depends on the starting lineup.

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