Tottenham ahead of the fateful 5-game series needs change, but there is no card that can be used.

Tottenham Hotspur need change but no options.

Tottenham have sacked manager Antonio Conte and appointed assistant coach Christian Stellini as acting manager. With coach Conte, who even had a controversial interview with poor performance and performance, and even the division he brought, it was expected that everyone would leave, but all but his brother Gianluca Conte remained. Under Stellini, he had to fight for 4th place in the English Premier League (EPL), and in his first game against Everton, he drew 1-1.

It was no different from Conte’s time. The 3-4-3 formation was the same,온라인카지노 and the way the side and build-up operation was done was also the same. The problem was also addressed. The problems with Son Heung-min and Ivan Perisic’s movement, detailed build-up or no pattern play were the same as when Conte was there. Tottenham took the lead thanks to Harry Kane’s opening goal, and even though the opponent was sent off and had a numerical advantage, they conceded a goal to Michael Keane and drew 1-1.

Acting Stellini also has an excuse. There was not enough time to make changes, so I would have had no choice but to keep what I had maintained until now. Even if you want to change, not having an option is an excuse. Emerson Royale, Yves Bisuma and Rodrigo Bentancur are out with long-term injuries, while Richarlison, Ben Davies and Ryan Sessegnon are also out of shape. The cards that can be used are very limited.

In the match against Everton, Dabinson Sanchez was replaced by Clement Langle, and in the 37th minute of the second half, Son Heung-min was removed and Lucas Moura was all. Even that, Moura was sent off and lost another option. The cards that can be used are Arnaud Danjuma and Pape Matar Sar, but it is true that it is difficult to trust and use them. England’s ‘Football London’ also reported on the 6th (Korean time), “As long as the injury situation does not improve, Tottenham’s starting lineup will be maintained.”

Tottenham are currently 5th. They are 3 points behind 4th place Manchester United. We are also competing with Newcastle United and Brighton, but Tottenham played the most matches. When other teams play and win, Tottenham goes down. If they don’t even secure 4th place, it will remain the worst season for Tottenham. In a situation where they must rise to fourth place unconditionally, Tottenham will play an important five-game series leading to Brighton, Bournemouth, Newcastle, Manchester United and Liverpool.

Depending on the results of this five-game series, there is a high possibility that the top 4 game will be decided. Tottenham needs to win as many as possible, but the odds are very slim if Stellini continues his current form. It is Tottenham preparing for Brighton in a situation with many worries.

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