Unnamed’ Liverpool fans to receive refunds for last season’s UCL final tickets

 The European Football Federation (UEFA) has decided to refund admission fees to Liverpool (England) fans who had tickets to the UEFA Champions League (UCL) final last season.

UEFA officially announced on its website on the 8th (Korean time) that it has decided to return the admission fee to Liverpool fans who have tickets for the 2021-22 UCL final.

In the UCL final between Liverpool and Real Madrid (Spain) held at the Stade de Prince in Saint-Denis, France in May last year, a great uproar broke out.메이저놀이터

Some spectators had ‘fake tickets’, resulting in chaos, and several gates were crowded with unacceptable spectators, resulting in multiple injuries.

During this process, the French police fired tear gas, and the entry of spectators was delayed, resulting in an unprecedented situation in which the kickoff was postponed.

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