Uzbekistan and Hong Kong, who blew their noses without touching their hands, advanced to the round of 16 before the opening, with a total of 3 men’s and women’s teams ‘abstentions’ [Hangzhou ON]

 With teams withdrawing from the Hangzhou Asian Games soccer event before it even starts, disruptions to the operation of the tournament seem inevitable.

Chinese portal ‘’ reported on the 18th that Afghanistan and Syria from Group C of the men’s soccer tournament withdrew from participating in the tournament. 카지노사이트 Syria is said to have decided not to participate in the tournament due to problems with the game and difficulties in securing players. As a result, the number of participating men’s soccer teams decreased from 23 to 21. In the Asian Games, a total of 16 teams will advance to the round of 16, including the top two teams from six groups and the four best-performing third-place teams. There are only 5 teams that suffer elimination in the group stage.

Group C Uzbekistan and Hong Kong ‘gained’. Untouched, Coppu appears to have secured its place in the round of 16 without playing a single group game. The two teams are scheduled to face each other twice on the 22nd and 25th to determine first and second place in the group. The 1st place in Group C will clash with the 3rd place in Group E or Group F, and the 2nd place in Group C will clash with the 2nd place in Group D.

Korea is in Group E and will face Kuwait, Thailand, and Bahrain in turn.

There was also a team withdrew from women’s soccer. Cambodia, which was scheduled to clash with North Korea and Singapore in Group C, reportedly announced its intention to not participate in the tournament. According to the new rules, only the first place in Group C will advance to the tournament. With Cambodia’s elimination, North Korea’s chances of advancing to the round of 16, which made its long-awaited appearance at an international competition, have increased. The women’s team was reduced from 17 teams to a total of 16 teams. Eight teams, half of them, will advance to the quarterfinals.

It is rare for three men’s and women’s soccer teams to withdraw at the same time before the start of a tournament. The reputation of the Asian Games for determining the best in Asia is beyond words. Hwang Seon-hong and Vel-ho go on a gold medal hunt in a turbulent atmosphere.

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