‘Veteran’s Power’ Bae Su-jin, Samsung’s 13-game losing streak escaped

Professional basketball Seoul Samsung has broken its losing streak after 14 games.

Just before setting the club’s most consecutive loss tie record, he won a three-point victory over KT.

In particular, the fighting spirit of veteran players shone.

This is reporter Park Ji-woon.


Samsung succeeded in dominating the first half with Jang Min-guk, who played an active role under and around the goal.

However, in the 3rd quarter, KT Yang Hong-seok scored in a row and allowed a tie, and then the nightmare of losing streak began to wriggle again as they were dragged back in the early 4th quarter.

One minute before the end of the game, it was veterans Kim Si-rae and Lee Jung-hyun who saved Samsung, which was trailing by one point.

Kim Si-rae, who showed off a hustle play that did not spare his body throughout the game, cut off KT’s ball, and ace Lee Jung-hyun succeeded in scoring a quick break and created a reversal.

11 seconds before the end of the game, Lee Jung-hyun, who had induced the opposing team to foul, scored two free throws to secure victory.

Moss, who recorded 21 points, 12 rebounds and a double-double, also showed a surprise performance by completely overpowering KT from under the goal.

<Eun Hee-seok / Seoul Samsung Coach> “I think it was a game where I am very grateful and grateful to the players. If we do not give up until the end of the day and continue playing the basketball we have prepared, there will definitely be good results today…”

Samsung came out of the mire of 13 consecutive losses ahead of the club’s most losing streak tie record.

At KT, Yang Hong-seok and Ha Yoon-ki jointly scored 34 points, but Samsung’s tenacity was finally defeated and the ranking fell two steps to 8th place. 메이저놀이터

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