“Westbrook is a vampire,” says ESPN reporter, Westbrook’s wife ‘hot’… players also join

Russell Westbrook’s wife, Nina, is hot.

Nina lashed out at ESPN’s Dave McManamin for calling her latest husband, Russell, a ‘vampire’.

McManamin appeared on ‘NBA Today’ and
said, “A source told me to get rid of the vampires in the Lakers locker room. That means the vampires are sucking blood in the locker room. Westbrook is on the move.” ‘Vampire’ is Westbrook.

Nina was indignant at this.

Nina says, “School-age kids who have to listen to their peers are repeating the nasty things they say about their father on television. Tell a 5-year-old, ‘Your father isn’t really a vampire, and the major news outlets only say that for attention.’ I think I need to explain that,” he vomited in anger.

Her fellow players also sniped at McManamin.

All-Star guard Chris Paul yelled, “Say the source’s name,” and Donovan Mitchell said, “Stop it.”

“Who’s the source?” asked Carmelo Anthony, who played for the Lakers. 카지노사이트

American professional football wide receiver Terrell Owens took aim at Skip Bayless. The source McMannamin was referring to is that it could be Bayris.

Bayris is well known as a ‘bitter’, usually making personal attacks on certain players.

Westbrook was traded to Utah. However, there is no possibility of playing in Utah. It is expected that he will become a free agent through buyout and negotiate with other teams. Teams currently being discussed include the Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, and LA Clippers.

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