What is the record of the new coaches Park Jin-man and Lee Seung-yeop, who insisted on ‘one place spring camp’ in ‘training supremacy’ this season?

The two teams stayed at the same bottom last year.

Samsung is one of the teams that has tasted먹튀검증 the top and the bottom at the same time. From 2010 to 2014, Samsung advanced to the Korean Series for 6 consecutive years and won the combined championship for 4 consecutive years. It was the first time since the Haitai Tigers (now the KIA Tigers) won the Korean Series for four consecutive years from 1986 to 1989, the early days of the pro.

But the next five years were a nightmare of 9-9-6-8-8. And in 2021, he rose to second place in the regular league, but last year he had to repeat the nightmare time again. They suffered 13 consecutive losses, exceeding the club’s all-time record of 11 consecutive losses, and suffered the pain of manager Heo Sam-young being replaced by acting manager Park Jin-man, and they plummeted to 7th place, the lowest in the team’s history.

Doosan is similar. From the 2015 season, coach Kim Tae-hyung took the baton, and until the 2011 season, they achieved a new era of advancing to the Korean Series for 7 consecutive years. Kim Hyun-soo, Min Byeong-heon, Yang Eui-ji, Choi Joo-hwan, Oh Jae-il, and Park Gun-woo became free agents and left the team one after another, but won the Korean Series three times while earning the nickname ‘Hwasubun Baseball’.

Doosan’s spring days also came to an end with the 2011 season. Coincidentally, it slipped to ninth last year when coach Kim Tae-hyeong’s third contract period ended. It was the worst ranking since the 8th place in 1996 and the 7th place in 2003, when there were 8 teams.

In the end, Samsung and Doosan changed their command towers this year. Samsung took over the baton from coach Heo Sam-young on August 2 of last year, and acting manager Park Jin-man took the helm from this year.

Director Park Jin-man and director Lee Seung-yeop have many similarities.

Born in 1976, they are the same age and are legends of the KBO league. Last year, he was selected side by side among the 40 legends of the 40th anniversary of the KBO League.

Director Lee Seung-yeop is a Samsung franchise star that needs no explanation. Although he briefly entered Japanese professional baseball in the 2004-2011 season, he played an active role in Samsung from 1995 to 2017 when he retired, advancing to the Korean Series for 6 consecutive years and winning the combined championship for 4 consecutive years.

Coach Park Jin-man started with the Hyundai Unicorns and went through the Samsung and SK Wyverns (currently SSG Landers), gaining a reputation as a luxury shortstop. However, even during his Samsung days, he did not play like Lee Seung-yeop. This is because Park Jin-man moved from Hyundai to Samsung in 2005, and Lee Seung-yeop served as the pride of the KBO league in Nippon Professional Baseball while laying the foundation for the Samsung dynasty as the main player who took first place in the regular league for two consecutive years and even won a combined championship.

The two coaches, who had the experience of winning at Samsung during their active career, have similarities in training. That’s what training supremacists are.

The tendencies of these two coaches were revealed as they were in the first spring camp when they took the baton. Samsung and Doosan’s spring camp this year was different from the eight teams.

Samsung held the spring camp in Okinawa, Japan, and Doosan held the spring camp only in Australia. It was clearly a different move from the other 8 teams who had their spring camps divided into 1st and 2nd rounds.

In particular, while Samsung’s 1st and 2nd teams were training in Okinawa, the stadium was only a 15-minute drive away. Thanks to this, it would not be too much to say that the 1st and 2nd teams did not differentiated training, but virtually joint training, creating a subtle competitive atmosphere.

These two teams finished winter training in one place without moving from spring camp. Samsung and Doosan players completed a tremendous amount of training during the spring camp, to the extent that it was said that ‘sweet smell’ came from their mouths.

Unlike other teams that moved their spring camp from the US to Japan and wasted time adjusting to the time difference, Samsung and Doosan trained in one location and did not need to adjust to the time difference. The time difference between Australia and Korea is only 1 hour.

First of all, the performance of the two teams in the exhibition match is mixed.

Samsung has won 3 consecutive wins and is tied for first place with LG and Hanwha in demonstration games with 5 wins and 2 losses.

Failure to adapt to jet lag and lack of overall training while traveling between the United States and Korea were pointed out as one of the reasons why Korea was eliminated in the first round three times in a row at the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC).

Depending on how Samsung and Doosan’s report cards look this year, the possibility that ‘intense winter training = good ranking’ will appear as a trend in the KBO league cannot be ruled out.

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