What the manager promised to Doosan’s most winning pitcher is an opportunity, and if he misses it, he will retire.

“I haven’t decided yet. I think I need to spend some more time thinking about it.”

This is what Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop said about whether Doosan’s most victorious (129 wins) pitcher Jang Won-joon would join the spring camp for the first team.

Usually, the 1st team camp roster is decided in early or mid-January. The fact that he has not yet decided to join means that he is deeply troubled.

Coach Lee Seung-yeop had a meeting with Jang Won-joon as soon as he took over the team. The club had Jang Won-joon’s retirement in mind. However, after meeting with director Lee, it was decided to try again.

At the time, coach Lee said, “If I retire as if I was being pushed, I will have too much regret. I want to let them decide for themselves.”

It was a decision to honor the veteran who had put in a lot of effort for the team.

However, what coach Lee promised was an opportunity, not a position. In order for Jang Won-joon to throw in the first team, he has to prove himself that he can work in the first team.

Jang Won-joon’s average fastball speed this season was only 138 km/h. Former coach Kim Tae-hyung once said, “If a left-handed pitcher is to effectively deal with a left-handed hitter, he must throw 140 km.”

Therefore, it is true that it was difficult to get many opportunities under coach Kim Tae-hyung.

The director changed and the atmosphere changed a little, but in the end, the fact that Jang Won-joon has to prove himself remains the same. Coach Lee Seung-yeop must also have faith that Jang Won-joon can work in the first team before he can be called up to the first team.

First of all, it is necessary to show what you have prepared in practice. To do so, joining the first team camp is the fastest way. If you start from the 2nd team camp, you have no choice but to get away from the 1st team manager’s view.

Jang Won-joon also has a chance. Since Doosan’s left-handed bullpen isn’t that strong, they have a chance to be competitive.

As long as Jang Won-joon proves that he can work in the first team, he will not lose his chance because of his age. This is because coach Lee Seung-yeop declared that he would evaluate players based on his skills without any prejudice.

As director Lee Seung-yeop regards promises as gold, it seems that there will be no intentional exclusion of Jang Won-joon. However, director Jang Won-joon needs to show his skills to match him before Lee can use him. He’s not in a situation where he can afford to make room for players who can’t use them.

Still, there were changes that could help Jang Won-jun. Yang Eui-ji, the catcher who shared his last heyday, is back. 토토사이트

It can be seen that he has room to breathe as the catcher, who knows himself better than anyone else and is considered to be the best in terms of pitching lead, has returned.

Now, everything depends solely on Jang Won-joon. Yang Eui-ji’s help can also be received only when there is strength in the ball. Proving that he can still throw a power ball is the most important thing.

I emphasize again, what Lee allowed was an opportunity, not a position. Jang Won-joon has to make the seat himself.

Currently, Jang Won-joon’s position is only a pitcher who has not won a win over the past 4 years. He must take a sober look at himself and make his preparations. If Jang Won-joon fails to prove himself, the opportunity promised by director Lee Seung-yeop will be blown away.

It remains to be seen whether Jang Won-joon’s challenge, which may be his last, will be successful.

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