‘Why are you out there’ Kwon Ah-sol, Park Chan-ho snipe Oh Jae-won criticism “I feel sorry for you too”

‘Why are you out there’. 

While Spotify commentator Oh Jae-won lashed out at Park Chan-ho, a “Korean Express,” Kwon Ah-sol, a martial arts player, also criticized Oh Jae-won. It’s not between baseball seniors and juniors, and there’s no connection to do this, but it was sniping over Oh Jae-won’s fan service in the past. 

In an interview with안전놀이터 ‘Den Magazine’ on the 10th, commentator Oh Jae-won said, “I really want you to include this, but I really hate the Korean express (meaning Park Chan-ho). Now that I’m a normal person, I can talk about it.” 

He continued, “He really made our country shine and he is the creator of the word ‘Korean Express’. Before that, the whole nation woke up at dawn and cheered for him, and it seems he doesn’t know the gratitude he felt.” 

Commentator Oh Jae-won also said, “There are not one or two players who have made fools while commentating once. I don’t think I’ve ever taken responsibility for that.” There was no one,” he said. 

Commentator Oh Jae-won said, “Commentary is for a third party. I think the purpose is to convey the exact situation to the listeners when commentating. They say things too easily. Due to the feast of irresponsible words, misunderstandings build up and that becomes an image.” 

In response, Kwon Ah-sol said on his SNS, “I feel very sorry for you too. Oh Jae-won. More than ten years ago, Hong Young-ki asked me to take a picture as a fan, but watching you act as if you were patronizing with such a cheeky expression, I thought I shouldn’t do the same thing as you. I did. The fans do not exist because of you, but you exist because of the fans.

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