Why did you upload a pitcher that you can’t use until April? Lee Seung-yeop’s message to the mound

 “If you’re going to walk, get a hit.”

This is what Doosan Bears coach Lee Seung-yeop emphasized to the pitching staff several times during the demonstration game. Coach Lee and other coaches hope that they will stick together confidently and throw the ball without regret even if the ball is hit, rather than trying to avoid a fight with ten hitters and letting them step on first base for free.

Baek Seung-woo (23), 바카라사이트a rookie left-hander for the Doosan Bears, pitched in line with coach Lee’s order. Baek Seung-woo took the mound as the last pitcher in the top of the 9th inning in an exhibition match against the Samsung Lions held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium on the 25th, trailing 3-5, and made a perfect pitch with no hits, no hits, no runs, 1 strikeout and no run in one inning.

He is still a young pitcher with a lot of experience and a lot to refine, but at least the pitch was enough to give the impression of ‘a pitcher who knows how to throw strikes’. Back Seung-woo recorded the highest fastball speed of 145 km that day. It fell short of his personal best speed of 147km during his college days, and it was not a very fast ball on his professional stage, but he made a strong impression by putting it boldly into the strike zone. He took the timing of opponent batters by properly mixing the changeup in the early 130km per hour and the curve in the early 120km per hour.

It can be seen that the reason Coach Lee put Seung-Woo Baek on the mound that day was to send a message to the pitching staff, especially to left-handed pitchers such as Seung-Yong Choi, Byung-Hun Lee, Won-Jun Jang, and Ho-Jun Kim, who gave him opportunities throughout the spring camp. Baek Seung-woo graduated from Dong-A University and was nominated by Doosan in the 7th round of the 2023 rookie draft, but is now a foster player. If you want to register as an official player this year, you can start from May 1st. The fact that a pitcher who cannot be appointed until April is placed on the mound for demonstration games can be interpreted as meaning that the bullpen is lacking reliable left-handed pitchers.

Choi Seung-yong, who is likely to join the starting rotation this year, made Lee feel uncomfortable by allowing 5 balls on 4 balls in 3⅓ innings against Hanwha Eagles in Daejeon on the 24th. Veteran Jang Won-joon, who was expecting a revival, is still not good at pitching, and Kim Ho-joon’s pitching is still jagged.

At least, director Lee gave Lee Byung-hun a passing grade. Lee Byung-hun also allowed 4 walks in 3 recent demonstration games, but when he looked at various things such as pitch, he judged that he was worthy of being entrusted with the winning group right away.

Director Lee said, “The 8th and 9th episodes (Jeong Cheol-won and Hong Gun-hee) have been decided, and Lee Byung-hun should be in the middle before that. And I think pitchers like Park Chi-guk, Lee Hyung-beom, and Kim Myung-shin should enter,” he said of Pil Seung-jo’s idea.

“Lee Byung-hun has a good pitch. His pitching form is not one that batters can easily capture. In this era, 148 km/h is not a fast ball, but the deception is tricky for left-handed hitters. Come in. If you have a good chance of throwing a lot of strikes, you will do a good job and it will be a big help to our team.”

Still, Lee is thirsty for a left-handed pitcher. If there are no left-handed pitchers to look forward to other than Choi Seung-yong and Lee Byung-hun by April, Baek Seung-woo may have a chance from May.

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