Why is actor Hugh Grant here?→FA Cup match→Fulham fanatic certification

 There will be few people who do not know the movie actor Hugh Grant. He is a handsome actor who is well known as a romantic guy who has secured numerous female fans through ‘Love Actually’ and ‘Notting Hill’.

You know very well that he was born in England. He may not know where he was born in England. He was born in London, not from the countryside. He was born in Hammersmith, West London.

There are several EPL teams in London, Tottenham and Arsenal, where Son Heung-min is playing, are ‘North London’. South of Grant’s hometown of Hammersmith is Fulham. It uses Craven Cottage, built in 1879, which is the oldest in the EPL league, as its home stadium.

Born in London and close to the Fulham Stadium, it’s no wonder that Hugh Grant loves football and is a Fulham fan like his hometown team.

Britain’s The Sun reported on the 29th that Grant visited Craven Cottage to watch the FA Cup match against Sunderland at 3:00 pm on the 28th local time and became a hot topic.

As a Fulham fan, he received no special treatment and was seated in the general stands. However, it seems that his seat was obstructed by the pillars of the old Craven Cottage Stadium, so he could not see the game properly. 안전놀이터

Like other soccer fans, he was caught on camera as he leaned sideways to avoid a pillar blocking his view to support the home team.

Grant, a fan of Fulham from birth, looked like an ordinary grandfather in a hunting cap and jacket. He is 62 years old this year, but he still has the aura of being a movie star.

Meanwhile, the match ended in a 1-1 draw. Grant was disappointed as the home team, Fulham, conceded the opening goal six minutes into the match.

However, he scored an equalizer in the second half of Fulham Neung to draw the match. With the game over, both teams will have to play again to advance to the 5th round of the FA Cup.

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