Won’t give up! IBK Industrial Bank never lets go of hope

IBK Industrial Bank continued its hopes for spring volleyball.

IBK Industrial Bank held a set score 3-1 (25-20, 14-25, 25-19, 25-14) against GS Caltex in the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Round 5 held at the Hwaseong Sports Complex Indoor Gymnasium on the 16th. won with

Unlike IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, Santana (registered name Santana) scored 25 points and was named the highest scorer in the game. After that, Pyo Seung-ju added strength with 17 points.

On the other hand, at GS Caltex, Kang So-hui scored 13 points, Moma Basoko Leticia (registered name MoMA) and Kwon Min-ji each scored 12 points, but could not lead the team to victory.

1st set, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea 25-20 GS Caltex
[IBK Industrial Bank of Korea – GS Caltex 1st set major records comparison]
– Santana 6 points, attack success rate 33.3%
– Moma 3 points, attack success rate 27.27%

GS Caltex coach Sang-Hyun Cha is the starting setter I chose Kim Ji-won. In a pre-game interview, coach Sang-hyun Cha said to Kim Ji-won, “There is an expectation of using the center. I hope we can play as a team.”

However, it is Kim Ji-won who showed a shaky appearance from the beginning of the game. With the unstable toss, the strikers showed a hasty handling rather than a powerful attack.

On the other hand, IBK Industrial Bank, which took the opportunity to attack relatively easily, took the first set with Santana scoring 6 points and Pyo Seung-ju scoring 4 points.

2 sets, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea 14-25 GS Caltex
[IBK Industrial Bank of Korea-GS Caltex 2nd set major record comparison]
-Blocking 1-4

1st set coach Sang-Hyun Cha took over Yoo Seo-Yeon and replaced Kwon Min-Ji. Director Cha’s choice was a hit. Kwon Min-ji made Kim Ji-won comfortable by showing a stable receive of 66.7%.

In addition, GS Caltex showed the appearance of reviving blocking, and Han Su-ji succeeded in blocking two, and Kang So-hui and Oh Se-yeon succeeded in blocking one each, blocking IBK Industrial Bank of Korea’s attack.

IBK Industrial Bank struggled with Yook Seo-young scoring 4 points, but Santana showed a poor performance with a 13.64% attack success rate and gave up the second set.

2 sets did not match any team A fierce battle unfolded that could not escape far. The seesaw game, which went up to the middle of the set, was broken due to a mistake.

GS Caltex allowed IBK IBK to lead by two points as Moon Ji-yoon’s attack fell outside the line in 13-14. Afterwards, Kim Su-ji perfectly blocked MoMA’s attack, and IBK Industrial Bank took the flow.

GS Caltex, in a hurry, showed itself collapsing as even Kang So-hui’s attack led to a mistake in 13-17. IBK Industrial Bank maintained an open lead and took the third set.

4th set, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea 25-14 GS Caltex
[IBK Industrial Bank of Korea – GS Caltex 4th set major record comparison]

-Sub 2-1

– Blocking 3-0

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea’s 4th set strategy was clear. It is intended to counterattack by shaking the receiving with a target hit serve toward Kwon Min-ji. 스포츠토토

This worked effectively. In the second set, Kwon Min-ji, who had endured stably, collapsed due to the pouring serve. GS Caltex was unable to connect with a normal attack when the receive was shaken, and was in a hurry to pass the ball.

IBK Industrial Bank did not miss this and succeeded in scoring, earning 3 points along with the 4th set.

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